Natural Remedies for Colic

If your baby is crying, it isn’t necessarily cause for alarm. However, as a new mother, there are always questions regarding whether or not your baby’s cries are normal or if they are indicative of colic. So how do you figure out whether your baby has this condition? According to, if a baby cries for three consecutive hours each day, for three days a week for three weeks consecutively, then your baby is qualitatively colicky.

Here are the symptoms of baby colic:

  • Intense episodes of crying
  • Crying that is inconsolable with no evident trigger
  • Clenching fists, arching the back, and recoiling to touch

Why does colic happen?
While the causes of baby colic are largely unknown, health professional speculate that it can be the result of a number of causes, from digestive tract problems to allergies to your child’s developing neurological system. Regardless of the source, there are many simple natural remedies for colic that parents can try to help relieve the crying and accompanying symptoms.

Natural Remedies for Colic:

  1. Determine If It’s Baby Reflux
    Baby reflux is a condition that has similar symptoms to baby colic and can easily be remedied with natural methods.
  2. Follow a Clean Diet While Nursing
    Medical experts speculate that certain foods that mothers ingest while breastfeeding can trigger colic symptoms. For example, dairy, wheat, gluten, caffeine, and spicy foods are all said to be culprits than can trigger colic. While nursing, try to adopt a paleo lifestyle, as it may help to alleviate your baby’s colic symptoms.
  3. Switch Formulas
    If you are no longer nursing and are using a baby formula, your current kind might be inducing a colicky reaction. Switch formulas or make your own.
  4. Take a Warm Bath
    A warm bath helps to calm babies and can help to soothe their digestive systems to boot. Make sure they are always supervised at bath time.

With time, patience, and trial and error, it is possible to get through your baby’s colicky stages with these and other natural remedies for colic.