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LHF is NOT a diet plan; it’s a nutritional therapy program

90% of diets are destined to fail because they are too limiting for a patient’s lifestyle. Take ownership of your health & schedule your free health evaluation.

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Know causal factor of sickness

The Live Health Foundation method was created to be one of the most comprehensive and holistic treatment programs to help you with your healthcare condition.

  • Sickness is caused by mineral depletion (absorption ability and content in your body).
  • Simple changes to diet or natural supplements could be the solution, NOT constant doctors’ visits and prescription medication.

  • A 20 minute personal consult and NON-intrusive lab grade test can determine what nutrients and minerals your body is missing or lacking which could be the cause of various ailments.

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Get results in the convenience of your own home!

With our home testing kits, you can take your test at home, send us the results and we’ll send you the plan! It’s that easy.

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