Natural Ways to Cure a Headache

Migraines and other headache types, such as sinus headaches and tension headaches, are painful and often disruptive to daily life activities. A migraine headache is a one-sided headache that includes symptoms like throbbing pain, nausea, light sensitivity, and vomiting. Migraines can last for hours and are often treated with antinausea drugs, pain relievers, and various preventative medications.

For those seeking a more natural cure for headaches and migraines, there are holistic ways to approach your head pain. Check out these holistic migraine treatments that are all-natural and help your body to heal without chemicals or synthetic compounds:

5 Natural Ways to Cure a Headache or Migraine:

FeverFew – Deriving from the sunflower family, this supplement helps to reduce inflammation, taking pressure off of the nerves.

Acupressure – Acupressure massage targets specific pressure points on the body, helping to relieve pain. For example, by placing your finger between your first and second toe for three to five minutes, you can help to relieve pain.

Peppermint Oil – This natural cure for headaches works best for tension headaches. Peppermint oil creates a cooling sensation and relaxes your muscles. Apply this to your hairline and temples.

Ginger – Ginger is a root that helps to reduce inflammation like aspirin would, making it one of the best natural ways to cure a headache. One can either purchase ginger in root form or buy it in supplement or tea form.

Capsaicin Cream – Made from cayenne pepper, capsaicin cream is a viable holistic migraine treatment or cluster headache treatment. To use capsaicin cream, apply a small amount to the inside nostril of the side of the head that is in pain. The cream effectively blocks nerve pain signals.

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