What is the RBTI diet?
RBTI stands for Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. Through the RBTI diet, participants actively address biological body chemistry imbalances. Specifically, RBTI seeks to remineralize the body, allowing practitioners to see the connection between their body chemistry and the manifestation of certain diseases and various forms of degeneration. As we at the Live Health Foundation put it, the RBTI diet helps us to gain the maximum amount of energy from foods that we eat in order to achieve and maintain perfect health.

Why does body chemistry matter?
When our bodies’ internal chemistry is off, it affects our ability to absorb minerals and nutrients that our bodies need. Additionally, it affects our ability to use them properly, making the process of rebuilding bones and teeth extremely difficulty. When imbalances are present, mineral supplements will likely not help either, since absorption is malfunctioning.

How is body chemistry measured on the RBTI diet?
When someone chooses to practice RBTI, they first need to get their body chemistry levels measured. Sugar levels, salt levels, protein levels, pH and cell debris are all considered chemistry markers in an RBTI test.

How does the RBTI plan work?
One of the benefits of RBTI is that no individual has the same plan. RBTI guidelines will vary depending on specific needs and situations. For example, your recommendations might be different from someone else’s based on your body’s sugar levels. However, there are certain guidelines that pertain to everyone. Here are a few:

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