Up All Night? These Are The Habits You Should Change

healthSleep is central to our health, but between 50 and 70 million people in the United States have a sleep or wakefulness disorder. If you are among those who can’t catch an adequate amount of z’s, your habits might be to blame. The following are just some of the unhealthy habits that could be keeping you up at night.

  • You sleep in sometimes. Keeping your sleep schedule consistent is key to having a good nights sleep every night. Even if you are up late one night, try to wake up within an hour of when you normally would. This will keep your internal body clock as steady as possible.
  • Your eating habits are inconsistent. Going to bed hungry or eating to close to bed can both be detrimental to your sleep. Switching up your diet practices can be helpful for catching some shuteye.
  • You work out before bed. It is usually best to end your workout three hours before bedtime if you choose to exercise in the evening. Otherwise, you might hit the hay while still wound up. Keep up the energy and healing properties of exercise without compromising your night’s sleep by working out earlier in the day.
  • You look at a screen before you sleep. Blue light from your computer, tablet, or television can mess with your brain waves, keeping you more alert during the night. If you can, stay away from screens at least an hour before bed to give your brain a chance to unwind.
  • You are not managing your stress. Stress and anxiety are often the main reasons people toss and turn. If you experience stressful thoughts all night, find natural remedies to manage your evening anxiety. Speaking with a therapist about controlling these thoughts is a great place to start.

Taking the time to reverse these habits can allow you to have the night’s sleep that you have always craved. By sleeping for seven to nine hours per night, your entire being will improve. If you are still unable to fall asleep, consider scheduling an appointment with a sleep and wellness professional. They can help you pinpoint more specific problems that are keeping you awake.

4 Simple Steps You Can Take Toward a Healthy Life Today

healthy lifeAs spring makes its slow transition into summer, living a healthier life is on everybody’s minds. The warm weather provides inspiration for creative cooking, outdoorsy activities, and healthier lifestyles. There are so many options available to you, it can be hard to know where to begin. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few simple things you can start doing today to put your healthy life first.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast
Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean small, so don’t go skipping breakfast or just eating a granola bar. Instead, consider having some oatmeal sweetened with a touch of honey, some berries, and even some shredded coconut for added texture and flavor. If you’re not the sweet type, try something savory like scrambled eggs and some sauteed mushrooms. The options are endless, but make sure you have a breakfast full of protein, vitamins, and fiber.

Stay Hydrated
Hydration is absolutely key if you want to stay healthy. Most experts recommend one to two liters of water per day for consistent hydration, but the real key is to keep track of your water intake. Set several alarms throughout the day or create markings on your water bottle to indicate how much you should have had by a certain time. Staying on top of your water intake is especially helpful.

Plan Ahead
Planning ahead, whether it’s for one day or for the whole week, can save you time and money in the long run. For instance, taking time on Sunday to plan out and prepare your lunches for the week means less rushing in the morning before work and it means less money you have to spend if you don’t feel like packing a lunch in the morning.

Create a Positive Environment
Considering digestive diseases affect 60 to 70 million people around the world, it’s easy to see why many health remedies revolve around food. But that’s not the whole picture! Creating an environment — your work station, your bedroom, your car — that is good for your mental health is just as important as eating right to boost your physical health.

Whether it’s a scientific diet or a bedroom upgrade, it’s important to live your best life for you. Taking these simple steps will just help you along the way.

Fight Fatigue Naturally With These 5 Tips

diet practicesDo you find yourself dragging during the day? If you are fighting constant fatigue, you may be desperate for a solution. While you may be turning to medication and caffeine to fight your tiredness, there are more natural solutions available to you. From a more active lifestyle to better diet practices, these simple tips will guide you toward a more energized life.

  1. Get Moving: While exercise is likely the last thing on your mind when you are feeling tired, it is one of the best cures. Staying active will not only boost your energy levels in the short term but will also lead to a healthier life in general. Add some extra boost by getting active with a friend.

  3. Sip On Citrus: From its vibrant color to its revitalizing scent, citrus breathes liveliness. Add slices of your favorite citrus fruits to a glass of water for a little pick me up during the day. This will keep you hydrated while also spiking your energy.

  5. Hit The Hay Early: Between 50 and 70 million people are living with a sleep or wakefulness disorder in the United States. If you are struggling with catching quality Z’s at night, try going to bed earlier. Going to sleep and waking up early will tap into your body’s natural rhythms, keeping you awake and healthy during the day.

  7. Eat Well: Diet practices are the key to increased vitality. Be sure that you are eating a well-balanced diet that includes energy boosting foods. Avoid processed sugar and refined carbs, as these foods drain your of energy.

  9. Stretch It Out: If you find yourself hitting the afternoon slump, take the time to stretch. By opening up your joints and loosening tight muscles, you will allow energy to flow throughout your body. If you have the time, enroll in a yoga class to bring even more energy and healing to your life.

By following these tips, you will reset your body’s chemistry and fight your fatigue naturally. Remember: There is not a “one size fits all” solution for decreasing tiredness, so make sure that you are seeking what works for you. By implementing natural remedies for more energy, you are setting yourself up for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Learn How to Spot the Signs of Common Infant Issues

natural remedies for colicParents want to do everything they can to ensure their children stay healthy. But because infants cannot yet communicate through language when they’re feeling ill, moms and dads need to learn how to recognize the signs of common illnesses and conditions that babies experience. While most of these problems are not likely to become serious, it’s still important to keep a watchful eye for certain symptoms; your baby relies on you to take action, and left untreated, these conditions could become much worse. Here are just a few of the conditions that commonly occur in infants, as well as their telltale signs.

  • Ear infections
    When a young baby develops an ear infection, you may not be able to recognize the source of their discomfort at first glance. As children grow older, they will be able to identify that the pain is coming from their ear, but infants will often just cry. That makes it difficult to distinguish between other needs. But if your baby develops a fever, has a runny nose, or vomits, an ear infection may be to blame. The pain tends to get worse when a child is nursing or lies down, as well. While some ear infections do clear up on their own, many young children will require an antibiotic. If your baby displays these symptoms, be sure to head to your doctor’s office right away.

  • Colic
    The exact causes of colic are a bit of a mystery, but most doctors think the condition may stem from indigestion pain, hunger, milk sensitivity, or emotional overstimulation. A colicky baby will cry for more than three hours a day for at least three days out of the week, for more than three weeks. Colic may occur a few weeks after a baby is born, but it tends to worsen when an infant is between four and six weeks old. A baby with colic will typically show signs of improvement by the three month mark, and by the time they reach four to five months of age, most colicky babies have improved significantly. However, many mothers won’t want to wait that long for their child to be relieved of their pain. Fortunately, there are natural remedies for colic. Some of the most popular and effective natural remedies for colic include following a clean diet when nursing or, in the event a mother is no longer nursing, switching baby formulas. Since what your baby ingests can have a big effect on their comfort level, these methods often prove to be successful. There are other natural remedies for colic too, like giving your baby take a warm bath to comfort them.

  • Diaper rash
    Diaper rash can occur as a result of diapers being changed too infrequently, but it can also happen simply because your child’s skin is especially sensitive or you’ve introduced a new food into their diet. As a result, the skin on your baby’s bottom will become inflamed, and the sight can be rather alarming to many parents. Your baby may also seem less comfortable than normal. A diaper rash will usually clear up with at-home treatments like air drying, ointment, and more frequent changing. However, if the rash doesn’t clear up within a few days, you should see a professional. And if your baby’s rash is particularly severe, gets worse, shows signs of bleeding or oozing, or is followed by a fever, make an appointment with your doctor immediately.

If you want a more natural, healthier life for you and your family, the Live Health Foundation can help. Our supplements and eBooks can give you everything you need to heal and nourish your body. For more information, contact us today.

Constant Headache? Here Are 3 Migraine Symptoms You Should Look Out For

migraineMigraines are a serious issue for many people and can lead to both sleep problems and extreme feelings of stress in everyday life. Over half (54%) of people who experience these throbbing headaches experience one or more attacks each month and 13% report one or more attacks at least once a week. If you are frequently suffering from these painful episodes, you should consult a professional who can provide natural remedies for holistic migraine treatment and get you on track for a healthier life.

If you’re unaware whether or not you’re actually experiencing a severe migraine, here are a few things that you should look out for.

  • Irritability and Depression — If you’re going through severe mood changes with high peaks and extremely low lows, you might be on track for throbbing and painful headache. Talk to a medical professional if you begin to feel depressed for no reason at all.

  • Sleeping Issues — Not be able to sleep soundly or fall asleep at all are common issues found in migraines. This is a major issue, as well because a lack of sleep can actually contribute to the headache in the first place, which will then subsequently make it even more difficult to fall asleep. Consult with your doctor or a medical professional as soon as possible if you’re experiencing any of these issues.

  • Severe Eye Pain — This is a problem because people who are having a painful headache episode might attribute the pain to their eyes rather than their head in general. The pain behind the eyes can be so intense that the other painful part of the head is temporarily lessened, causing people to seek help with their eyes, rather than the actual root of the issue. Which is why it’s extremely important to get the right help when you’re experiencing a severe headache.

If you’re suffering from frequent and severe headaches, don’t continue to ignore the issue and live your life in extreme pain. It’s time to get back to a healthier life and stop worrying about not falling asleep at night, being randomly depressed, and having excruciating pain in your eyes and head. Contact Live Health Foundation today if you need professional assistance.

3 Natural Remedies for Baby Colic

remedies for colicBabies cry a lot, but is your baby crying too much? There may be a reason other than an immediate need for food, sleep, or the comfort of a parent’s arms. About 25% of all infants between the ages of two weeks and three months develop colic — excessive crying spells with no particular cause.

Colic is defined by the rule of threes. A baby is considered colicky if he or she cries for three hours a day, three days a week, for three consecutive weeks. Other symptoms include intense physical reactions like recoiling to touch, clenching fists, and arching the back.

The medical community hasn’t yet discovered the cause of baby colic, but many people have their own theories. Some chock it up to plain old growing pains, while others believe it has something to do with immature digestive tracts or allergies. Another theory is that colicky children are just more sensitive to stimuli.

While the causes remain a mystery, new remedies for colic are always being developed. Here are a few natural solutions to consider.

Natural Remedies for Colic

  1. Adhere to a clean diet
    If you’re breastfeeding, remember that anything you eat can have an effect on your child. You will want to give up foods that can trigger colic symptoms, including dairy, gluten, eggs, shellfish, caffeine, citrus, and spicy foods. If you’re looking for a clean and healthy nutrition plan, consider the RBTI diet.
  2. Keep a strict sleep schedule
    Most newborns can only stay awake for one to two hours at a time. Some require even more sleep than that. When a baby becomes overtired, they will actually have a hard time falling asleep and that’s when the crying begins. Determine how much waking time your infant can handle and try to have them swaddled and in the crib as soon as that time is up.

  4. Go outside
    Just a breath of fresh air can work miracles on a colicky baby. When all else fails, bundle up your little one and take a step outside. Let the movement, the breeze, and the sounds of nature work their magic.

These are just a few of the most common remedies for colic parents have found successful. Have you tried something different? Has it worked? Let us know in the comments section below.

A Brief Overview of RBTI and Why Body Chemistry Matters

rbti dietYou’d been looking for new ways to improve your health and sense of wellbeing when a friend or colleague suggested that you consider RBTI. They explained that the RBTI diet addresses correlations between body chemistry and various diseases and forms of degeneration. But what does that really mean? How can you recalibrate your body chemistry to help you lead a happier, healthier life? Let’s take a look at the basic principles of RBTI.

What is RBTI?
Reams Biological Theory of Ionization is a method of improving health by “remineralizing” your body chemistry. By adjusting body chemistry, practitioners of RBTI can take in the maximum amount of energy from food and maintain excellent health.

How is body chemistry measured?
Practitioners consider such markers as sugar levels, salt levels, protein levels, pH, and cell debris. RBTI testing is split up into seven parts, all of which are completed on fresh samples of urine and/or saliva. As a whole, the tests take about 10 to 15 minutes. These examinations can be completed at home, though they should be performed by an experienced analyst.

Why is body chemistry so important?
If your internal chemistry is off balance, your body is not able to properly absorb the nutrients and minerals it needs to function. This also makes the process of repairing bones and teeth less effective, and it can also throw off your digestive system. For the 60 to 70 million people suffering from digestive diseases, the RBTI diet may be able to provide relief.

What does the RBTI diet entail?
What’s great is that RBTI is not a one-size-fits-all program. The guidelines are flexible, allowing individuals to tailor the diet to their personal needs. However, there are some hard-and-fast rules regarding certain foods. Here are a few of the foods that are off limits:


  • Pork and pork products
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Unrefined sea salt
  • White potatoes
  • White rice

So there you have it – a basic overview of the RBTI philosophy and diet. If you have additional questions about how to live a healthier lifestyle through RBTI, consult a qualified practitioner.

5 Simple Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep — Naturally

natural remedies for insomnia and anxietyIn this day and age, we are constantly on the move. We are subjected to consistent stress from our jobs, our families, and social obligations. All of this pressure can often result in the development of anxiety, insomnia, depression, and general poor health. Many people turn to sleep aids to help them get a better night’s sleep. But doing so can be dangerous for several reasons — one of which is that these medications do not actually tackle the source of the problem. If you find that you are frequently unable to sleep due to stress or other factors, you should consider seeking out more natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety. We’ve compiled six simple and natural ways for you to get a better night’s sleep.

  • Herbal Supplements and Essential Oils
    Though individual reactions may vary, herbal supplements like melatonin have been shown to help put the body into the optimal sleep zone. They cause drowsiness and lower body temperature, which can help you to fall asleep. In addition, essential oils are getting a lot of attention as remedies for many conditions. You may have to experiment to see which scents you favor, but popular choices include lavender oil, chamomile, bergamot, ylang ylang, and sandalwood. You can rub these oils on the back of your neck or the bottoms of your feet to increase relaxation, or you can use them in a room diffuser.
  • Dietary Changes
    You may not realize it, but your diet could be affecting your ability to sleep. Eating a poor diet can throw your entire body system out of whack. This is especially true if you’re ingesting too much caffeine, alcohol, or sugar. Trying a scientific diet may help improve your anxiety and insomnia. For instance, an RBTI diet can address body chemistry concerns and can essentially be tailored to fit specific needs. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up things you love, but rather to make informed choices that will optimize how your body absorbs nutrients. The food choices you’re currently making may cause adverse reactions you aren’t even totally aware of. An RBTI diet can act as a remedy for these reactions and can allow your body to function in a much better way. It’s one of the finest natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety, as well as other health issues.
  • Exercise
    One of the absolute best natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety is physical exercise. Exercise, especially in the early morning, has been shown to be highly effective at providing better sleep. Although vigorous exercise is most beneficial, even light exercise like walking is better than none at all. You’ll have more energy afterward (which is why you should exercise early in the day) and will feel more tuckered out in the evenings. If you’re suffering from insomnia, regular exercise can help to reset your internal clock and stay asleep for longer periods of time.
  • Meditation
    Relaxing activities like meditation will not only help you to breathe more productively and clear your mind, but they can also help you to identify what’s causing your stress in the first place. Many times, we feel anxious but don’t exactly know why. After all, anxiety disorders are actually the most common mental illness in the nation: 40 million adults ages 18 and over are affected by these conditions. Although you may require supplemental medication to treat your anxiety or insomnia, it’s important to practice self-care as well. Meditation or massage can allow you to set aside time specifically to relax, release, and reflect.
  • Disconnect
    Our love of technology can keep us from sleeping at night. The nighttime light from our TVs, iPads, or smartphones can prohibit productive sleep and partaking in activities on these devices often keeps us from winding down for the evening. Try to discontinue use on your devices for at least an hour before bedtime. Keep your bedroom as dark as possible and free from sleep distractions.

To find out more about the best natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety, as well as for migraines and digestive disorders, please contact us today. Allow us to help you sleep better at night and rid yourself of unnecessary tension.

What Will Happen If You Drink Hot Lemon Water Every Morning

natural remediesThere is no doubt that applying energy and healing philosophies to your life can make you feel more healthy, energetic, and content. It can be hard to make big changes, which is why it is often advisable to start with one simple step. Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning is a great way to start living a healthier life and aide you on your journey towards starting other natural remedies. Find out what will happen to your body and mind if you drink warm lemon water every morning by reading on:

Your Skin Will Be Clearer

Vitamins and antioxidants in lemon juice are known to stave off wrinkles and blemishes naturally. It can be used both internally and applied topically.

You’ll Be More Energetic

Lemon is used to reduce anxiety and depression and has mood enhancing and energizing properties. Even the scent of lemon can do the trick. But lemon also contains negatively charged ions, which provide your body with energy.

Your Breath Will Be Fresher

Your breath will be much fresher, but it is worth it to note that citric acid is known to erode tooth enamel, so just be mindful and don’t brush your teeth after you drink lemon water. Your overall oral health may improve, however, as lemons have been shown to relieve toothaches and gingivitis.

You’ll Lose Weight

Lemon is high in pectin fiber, which has been proven to fight against hunger cravings. Studies have shown that those with a more alkaline diet are able to lose weight much more quickly. Also, you’ll be more likely to continue making healthy choices all day if you start out with one.

You’ll Get Sick Less Often

Lemons are high in vitamin C which is known to promote wound healing and to support a healthy immune system. You’ll get sick less often and heal much more quickly.

You’ll Have Better Digestion

Digestive diseases affect more than 600 million people, and can seriously inhibit many of them from going about their daily lives. Not only does lemon juice flush out toxins from the body, but since it’s alkaline, it will balance the body’s pH levels and bring down acidity overall. This can lead to the healing of the digestive tract and alleviation of uncomfortable symptoms.

If lemon water works for you, don’t be afraid to try out other natural remedies!

Trouble Sleeping? 5 Tips to Help You Overcome Insomnia

insomniaAn estimated 50-70 million adults in the United States are currently suffering from a sleep or wakefulness disorder like insomnia. These disorders can disrupt lives and cause stress, but there are ways to help combat them.

There’s no cure for insomnia, but changing certain aspects of your life could help you combat it to the point where you can get a good night’s sleep. Here are five tips and natural remedies to help you overcome insomnia.

Wake Up at the Same Time Every Day

Although it might seem tempting to sleep in on the weekends, it’s actually better for your body to wake up at the same time each day. Once your body gets into a rhythm, it will be easier for you to fall asleep and wake up at regular hours.

Eliminate Caffeine

While you don’t have to ditch your one cup of coffee in the morning, you might want to skip that iced coffee with lunch. Caffeine is a stimulant, and while it affects everyone differently, it’s best to keep your intake minimal and to the morning hours. Simple changes to your diet like this can lead to a healthier life and help you get adequate amounts of sleep.

Limit Naps

While napping can seem like a great way to catch up on sleep, the opposite is actually true. Unless you have a regular nap schedule that you adhere to, naps could be confusing your body and contributing to your insomnia.

Exercise Regularly

While you shouldn’t exercise to the point of exhaustion, getting active for at least 30 minutes every day can help you combat insomnia. Finishing up your exercise at least three hours before you go to bed provides the best effect for a full night’s sleep.

Limit Activities in Bed

Your bed is probably the most comfortable piece of furniture you own, but you shouldn’t hang out there when you’re not awake. The more you associate your bed with leisure time activities like reading or watching TV, the less likely you are find sleep easily.

Insomnia is a serious issue for countless people, but with small changes, you could be on your way to more restful nights and a more regular sleep schedule in no time.