3 Natural Allergy Treatment Options To Explore

allergy treatmentDigestive diseases affect 60 to 70 million people. But did you know that certain digestive troubles, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and cramps can sometimes occur as a result of allergies? Treating allergies isn’t always easy, but there are a number of natural treatment options that may help you find temporary relief from multiple allergens. Here are just a few natural allergy treatment options to consider.

Alkaline Diet

An alkaline or anti-inflammatory diet can often help to alleviate many troubling signs of allergies and other health issues. This essentially means eating more nutrient-dense foods to boost the immune system and help you kick your allergy symptoms to the curb. There are many foods that can be considered part of a healthy alkaline diet, but some of the most noted foods to increase your intake of are garlic, leafy greens, lemons, coconut milk, seeds, almond butter, and gluten-free flours and grains.

Bee Pollen/Raw Honey

Many people add honey to food to give it a sweeter and more succulent flavor. However, ingesting raw honey or bee pollen can also help to ward off those uncomfortable allergy symptoms. Experts say ingesting just one tablespoon of locally sourced raw honey can significantly help to reduce symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. You can ingest honey in countless ways, but many prefer to add it to tea or smoothies. You can also find bee pollen supplements in health food stores.

Eucalyptus Oil

Essential oils have recently exploded in popularity due to their natural aromatic and healing properties. Essential oils meant for allergies, such as eucalyptus oil, work by minimizing inflammation as well as removing toxins from the body. You can use eucalyptus oil in a number of ways: you can use an oil diffuser, add a few drops into a neti pot, or even add it to your laundry.

If you notice a sudden onset of your allergy symptoms, you can also get quick relief by mixing eucalyptus oil with coconut oil and applying it to your chest and behind your ears. Diffusing it throughout the night can also help you sleep more peacefully without your typical allergy symptoms.

Ultimately, it’s always best to consult a professional when suffering from any type of allergies. But understanding these natural allergy treatment options can help you make the best treatment decision and live a healthier life.


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