Debunking 2 Common Myths About Allergies

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allergiesAllergies come in many shapes and sizes, and they present themselves through a variety of symptoms, from respiratory issues to digestive issues and more. In fact, between 2009 and 2010, there were 51 million visits (to physician offices, hospital outpatient and emergency departments) with diseases of the digestive system as the primary diagnosis, but many digestive issues can be forms of allergies as well. But despite all we’ve come to learn about allergies, there are still many who believe outdated or otherwise debunked myths regarding the disorder. Here are just a few of the most common myths about allergies and seeking natural treatment.

Only children can develop allergies.

Once believed and taken for fact, this major misconception can actually be dangerous, as it can give many adults false hope that they are past the stage in their lives in which allergies can develop. But the truth is that allergies may be more prevalent in children, but adults are certainly susceptible to developing them as well. If you notice any ongoing symptoms such as a red itchy rash or hives, digestive issues, headaches, or breathing problems, seek professional medical advice immediately.

Allergies from black mold are extremely severe.

This is a myth that is very over-exaggerated. Black mold has been associated with allergies and respiratory issues for a long time, but it’s not as toxic as many people think.

“Black mold, or Stachybotrys, is so sticky that it can’t travel in air, and therefore doesn’t enter the lungs or respiratory tract. Some people may develop allergic reactions to certain molds, but symptoms would be similar to those from pet allergies — itchy eyes or sneezing,” writes Kelsey Kloss on Reader’s Digest.

Keep in mind that if you do notice black mold in your home, you should still make an effort to remove it using rubber gloves and a diluted bleach solution. If your symptoms persist, they’re most likely to be caused from a different allergen or a different condition entirely.

Ultimately, understanding the facts about allergies is the key to seeking medical and natural treatment options that can reduce your change for allergy attacks and improve your quality of life. For more information about natural remedies, contact Live Health Foundation.