Mitigating the Effects of Stress-Induced Migraines With These 3 Tips

stay healthyAround 54% of migraine suffers experience at least one a month, with 13% experiencing one on a weekly basis. Nothing is worse for a migraine sufferer than a period of intense stress. That’s because, for many sufferers, what follows that stress is an intense migraine.

While the connection between stress and migraines is well-documented, it is often misunderstood. Back in 2014, a study showed that it isn’t the stress itself that causes the migraines, but rather cortisol, a chemical that is meant to ease the harsh effects of stress on the body.

Unfortunately for those who suffer from frequent migraines, that flux in cortisol is at the root of their migraine problem.

That is why it is important to stay healthy and to incorporate natural remedies for stress into your daily life.

In this guide, we lay out several steps you can take to ease the effect of stress and your post-stress migraine.

Healthy Diet Practices

While this piece of advice might seem cliche, there can be no understating the important role diet plays in your stress. While everyone should know the negative effects of overeating, it is key to note that under-eating is equally bad for stress. If you are trying to lose or maintain your weight, consider better utilizing exercise instead of extremely restrictive diets.


And speaking of exercise, did you know that it is one of the best ways to help reduce and manage stress? If you are having a hard couple of days, you should take the time to work out some of those feelings. Besides, who can say no to that boost in endorphins?

Recovery Time

We all know the importance of recovery time. But when you are experiencing stress to the degree that you are afraid you might have a migraine the next day, clear an extra hour each night to relax. Whether that is through yoga, meditation, a nice bath, or even turning in early, the method doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you take the time to recover.

Stress-induced migraines are the bane of many, especially in today’s fast paced world. Taking conscious steps with your diet, exercise, and rest, you can help your body stay healthy.

Drink Up! The Multiple Benefits of Lemon and Lime Water

lemon water 2

healthier lifeNow that summer is here, it is more important than ever to stay hydrated. All that time outside in the sun and hanging out in the pool can cause you to become dehydrated quickly without you even realizing it.

But, drinking glasses of plain water can get to be incredibly boring after a while. So the best way to jazz up your water is by adding some fresh fruit, especially lemon and limes, to make your taste buds happy!

What’s even better is that adding lemon and limes to your water is a simple and quick way to lead a healthier life. Here are just some of the benefits that come with adding slices of lemons and limes to your water!


A few slices of lemon can help you lead a healthier life in no time! Some benefits of this magical fruit in your water include:

  • Gives you a boost of Vitamin C
    Vitamin C is a great immune system booster, and lemon water gives you this essential nutrient with just a few sips. It is a great way to keep colds at bay, as well.
  • Aids in digestion
    Lemon juice is similar to the digestive juices found in the stomach, so it will help aid in digestion in no time. Drinking lemon juice will simply trick your liver into producing bile, which keeps your intestines regular. So considering that between 2009 and 2010, there were 51 million visits to doctors concerning digestive problems, a simple glass of water may be able to ease these problems.
  • Boosts energy
    Lemon water is a great way to boost your energy levels without drinking caffeine. A simple glass of lemon water in the morning can boost your mood and give you energy.


Don’t like lemons? Try a lime! Limes can also give off a host of benefits when put in your water, such as:

  • Offers plenty of antioxidants
    Limes are a good source of potassium, vitamins A, B, C, and D, calcium, and magnesium. So they offer that boost you’ll need to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Helps to maintain good skin
    All the antioxidants that come from limes go on to hydrate and improve the appearance of your skin. Limes contain a particular form of flavonoids, which boost collagen production in your skin.
  • Boosts metabolism
    These little green fruits can help you lose those extra pounds as their citric acid can boost your metabolism while giving you additional energy in the meantime!

Who knew that lemons and limes could be among the easiest diet practices that will help you stay healthy? So simply cut up a few lemons and limes and toss them in your water and you’ll be on your way to staying healthy!