3 Tips for Migraine Relief

treatmentMigraines aren’t just painful — they are life altering. Many people suffering from severe migraines and headaches are unable to go about their daily lives and often aren’t even able to face lights, noises, or other types of stimulation. These episodes can be frequent too, with over half of migraineurs suffering one or more attacks a month, and 13% claiming one or more attacks per week.

Unfortunately, migraines remain very hard to treat, and quite difficult to even diagnose. Migraines remain undiagnosed in at least half of patients, and less than 50% of migraine patients ever even consult a physician.

Those severe headaches can also be symptomatic of other issues, like depression, which is three times more common for individuals with migraines or headaches than for those without.

If you have suffered migraines but seen no relief, it may be time to turn to holistic migraine treatments. Instead of relying on drugs from Big Pharma, holistic migraine treatments emphasize how important it is to stay healthy and concentrate on energy and healing.

Want to learn more? Check out three examples of non-chemical migraine relief:

Reflexology and Pressure Points
One way to alleviate the symptoms of a migraine and to work on stopping them altogether is to have a reflexologist, acupuncturist, or massage therapist manipulate your pressure points to give you relief from head pain. This practice concentrates on mindfulness and holistic remedies.

Instead of stimulating your senses, soothe them with aromatherapy, which has been proven effective for pain relief and stress management. Keep calming scents and blends near your bed and on any pillows to help speed recovery from a migraine.

There is always a chance that something you are eating is interfering with your health, and it is no less true for migraines. Alter your diet to eliminate chocolate, aged cheese, citrus fruits, and red wine, all of which have been known to trigger headaches. Try regimes like the RBTI diet, which rebalances your body’s salt, sugar, and hormone levels through mindful consumption.

Don’t despair of finding the right treatment for your migraines. When you stop flooding your body with foreign chemicals and think hard about everything you eat or drink, you will allow it to begin to heal itself, with the help of these holistic migraine treatments.