RBTI Diet Overview

RBTI dietAre you one of the 60 to 70 million plagued with digestive disease? Or do you have a sleep or wakefullness disorder keeping you up like the some 50 to 70 million adults across the nation? These issues, and others like anxiety, which only one-third of sufferers receive treatment for, can at times take over your life in many ways. You have a lot more control than you think you do over your health. Consider this: most of the things that ail you are the result of body chemistry that has been thrown off for one reason or another, and through careful control, you can alter this chemistry. One of the best ways to do this is through diet — and the RBTI Diet is specifically designed to make you feel better. Check out this overview to get a good idea of what it practically entails:

RBTI, or Reams Biological Theory of Ionization, is a method designed to help the body remineralize. By shifting body chemistry towards a pattern of health, many diseases and conditions can be reversed, and general bodily balance and health can be restored. In an RBTI test, sugar levels, salts, protein, pH and cell debris are all considered. Check out this meal by meal guide that depicts how an RBTI diet might work.

Breakfast: Eggs and dairy are fine to have here, but make sure you are getting a lot of carbs, most of all. Fats and meat protein are discouraged, and it is important to have this meal within an hour of getting up.

Lunch: As the main meals of the day, you can have meat and dessert during this meal. Aim to finish your lunch by 2 pm, because after that time, no meats or sugar are permitted.

Dinner: This should be a light meal — perhaps a salad and some cooked vegetables. It is important to refrain from raising your sugar levels, or body temperature before bed. During sleep, your body should be in repair mode, not preoccupied with digesting foods and sugar.

Remember, in the RBTI diet, no snacks are permitted, except for bites of fruit if you feel a sugar crash. It’s also important to remember that there are many foods you cannot eat on this diet, like pork, rabbit, duck, fish, shellfish, unrefined sea salt, chocolate, tea, nuts and seeds, nutmeg, and white potatoes or rice.

These foods seriously and immediately alter your ion levels and other body chemistry indicators. By eliminating them and adhering to these diet practices, you may just learn a lot about your own body that you never knew.