When Life Gives You Lemons, Use Them to Heal Your Digestive Issues

scientific dietDespite our health-concerned, diet-saturated media and culture, digestive issues run rampant in the United States. In fact, digestive diseases were the primary diagnosis in 51 million health visits between 2009 and 2010, and in the U.S. alone, they affect 60-70 million individuals.

In our treatment focused world, many who are suffering from digestive issues typically look to medications and treatment. But what if we told you that your diet practices and lifestyle could not only heal your digestive issues but help you to stay healthy to boot?

With a scientific diet, not only is it possible to live a healthier life, but it is possible to utilize this scientific diet as alternative therapies for digestive disorders.

As part of a scientific diet, one of the main principles and aims is to obtain the maximum amount of nutrients and ensure that your body has the energy that it needs.

But what kinds of foods help your body to reach this desired and balanced state? Surprisingly enough, lemons are one of the most beneficial foods a person can consume. While lemons are obviously an acidic food, they are alkaline forming in our bodies, and therefore bring them to a sense of equilibrium. This helps to restore our bodies and digestive systems to their restored and balanced state.

Here are some compelling facts about lemons and how they can scientifically work as a healing and preventative measure:

  • Lemons are anionic. This means that they have the ability to stimulate the body to accept energy. This helps us better absorb the nutrients from the food that we consume.
  • Lemon helps to move digestive processes in the body by decongesting and cleansing the liver, helps to form bile and breaks down food for easier absorption.
  • Lemon helps to purify the blood, further neutralizing toxins and tie up acetones.
  • Lemon juice contains elements that help to aid indigestion and dissolve cholesterol and calcium deposits in the gallbladder.

Choosing a scientific diet will ignite a new feeling of balance and peace in your body that you’ve never had before. So what do you choose?