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The Live Health Foundation method was created to be one of the most comprehensive and holistic treatment programs to help you with your healthcare condition. The LHF protocol combined with RBTI testing and diet has more than 50 years of health care experience in relation to minor and major healthcare conditions.

You’ve tried everything else. It’s time for the Live Health Foundation

The Live Health Foundation is a non profit organization specializing in specific dietary practices that assist you in living a healthy and whole lifestyle.

Counseling is completely individualized to the person and is available one-on-one in person, over the phone or email.

RBTI Diet Testimonial

My father always told me it was important to look after my health because without your health there is no life. When I first encountered the RBTI Diet I was once again at a point in my life where I felt unhealthy and had been dealing with the medical system and doctors to find a cause and in turn treatment for my ailments. They were unable to give any definitive diagnosis and were again quick to prescribe yet another course of drugs.

It was at about the same time that a family member who was following the RBTI Diet came for a visit. We started to discuss the state of our health as I had noted a marked improvement in her overall wellbeing. She explained the diet and the difference it had made for her and encouraged me to get on board.

The one thing she told me and I have always been mindful of is that “the body has the ability to heal itself”. It is all about what you eat and following a routine. Knowing what foods to eat and when, as well as what foods should never be eaten. Then supplementing with vitamins and minerals to bring balance and nutrition to the body. It took some time to adjust and break old habits, but the results were amazing. It only took a couple of days to feel the energy coming back into my body and from there a true feeling of wellness began to grow.

The fact that you do the testing on yourself, call in the numbers and receive instant results through consultation with the doctor was gratifying. With my initial testing and consultation the doctor was able to tell me exactly what was going on in my body, what symptoms I was experiencing, as well as illnesses past and present. He then set up a regiment for me to follow. It was truly educational…as was every call that I’ve made since. All is done from the comfort of your home… no appointments to drive to, and at a time that is convenient for you. Within a short period of time I was no longer suffering from high blood pressure, headaches, stomach pain, IBS, and joint inflammation. I had more energy, slept better, was able to be more physically active, could think more clearly and focus on tasks, my skin even looked healthier. The RBTI Diet, and my commitment to it, allowed my body to heal.

Live Health is exactly that!

Corri Drummond

Parksville, BC

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